Friday, February 21, 2014

The First Beautiful Day Of 2014

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous!! It was 78 degrees outside after I picked Kalynn up from school. Kalynn was so happy about the warm weather that she did her homework first thing and jumped at the chance to spend sometime outside.

At first she just wanted to play on the swing set in the backyard, but with very little persuasion, we ended up going for a nice long walk. We opted for the walk, because Maddie was having a lot of stomach trouble yesterday and had had very little rest. A good walk in some fresh air and the jiggle of the stroller did her and my nerves some good.

The walk was beautiful. We walked for about a 1/4 mile through the woods on the family's property to the Lake. Here we walked across the dam where we stopped for some water, and looked at ducks and tried to see if we could see any fish.

Such a beautiful view...even in the winter when the trees are bare and the color is muted.

Kalynn took me to spot at the spill-way to the damn to show me a little "water-fall" she and her cousins found this past November. She was so excited to show it to me, I was afraid she was going to fall in, lol.

On our way back, we discovered that little Madison was playing possum on us. We thought she had been asleep...she was just quiet. Here is the face she made when I looked down and told her she was supposed to be sleeping. 

When we got home, Madison was happy and content, so we took advantage of the moment for a little outside playtime. We played ball for about an hour and had the best time!

Even the dogs got into the fun! Here they are each taking time playing and enjoying the sunshine...

Molly wanting me to throw the ball for would never know that she was 12 years old!

Reese Pup laying in the sun soaking up the rays watching the horses.

Skeeter chasing Kalynn in the yard. This little dog loves to chase her...he is a true ankle biter, don't scream or he'll get you, lol.

I am so glad the weather is warming up! If it would just stay like this all year long, it would be P.E.R.F.E.C.T! I am so glad that I cut my hours in the afternoon so I can spend this time with my girls. I just love playing with them and seeing them this way, instead of always blowing through the daily routine and missing the little moments that mean so much when they are little.

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