Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back in the game

It has been months since I have been able to post anything. Things here have been a bit chaotic and hard to keep up with. However, we have now settled into a regular routine and I am now an official stay-at-home-mom, which frees up a little time for myself and my passions.

I am starting a few new things. But first, before I do, I need to have some active posting members. To do this, I will be hosting my first give-away. This will be posted in the next few days!!!!

To begin, I will be starting a new book club. I am looking to connect with a website to promote them as well as my sight and expand/share my love of books with my readers.

I also want to begin a discussion blog for Moms and the many misadventures of motherhood. I think finding joy and humor in the frustrating mishaps that befall us will be entertaining at the very least.

I am also planning some promotional stuff in the very near future, so keep checking back frequently.

I cant wait to get started!!!! See You Soon!

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