Monday, July 28, 2014

Heaven is for Real? (Movie & Book)

Last night my husband and I watched "Heaven Is For Real" together. I had heard about the book before. But honestly I had no interest in reading something that deep...

I have my faith, but I have never considered myself a "religious" person. So this post is not intended to describe my views, or impress any on you. It is however my thoughts and feelings about the movie, with an invitation to you to join me...

Have you seen it? Cause WOW after watching this movie, I was left with goose bumps and a sort of unsettled feeling. Not in a scary or negative way...but more of the way you feel when are learning something for the first time and are unsure and not quite as confident as you would like to be.

It raised a lot of questions. What is it like? Is more of a personal perception or more definitive like visiting Central Park in New York (everyone sees the same things). I also feel like there are questions simmering under the surface that I haven't realized I want to ask yet.

These are all questions that I don't actually expect answers to. But it made me think beyond "yes there is a heaven". I now want to read the book! I know, as an avid reader, any movie based on a book never quite does the book justice. There are just some things you can put on paper, that you cant put on the silver screen.

So my questions to you are...Have you seen the movie? Did it affect you? Have you read the book? What did you think? Did it inspire something in you or did you relate to anything?

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