Monday, July 21, 2014

My Love of Reading...

Some of you who have been following along with me, have learned that I am an avid book lover. I absolutely LOVE to read. For me, it is like a mini vacation where I can go anywhere in this world or imaginary world. For years, I have enjoyed my escape from reality. I find it refreshing, almost like a restart each day.

My love of books began when I was in about first or second. I was picked on almost daily by a variety of other kids. Not knowing how to deal with my solitude, I started faking illness and eventually figured out how to fake a fever to get sent home. As you can imagine, my mother caught on pretty quick to my scheme. It was then, that my Aunt took me to get my first library card!

She showed me how reading can be a sort of escape. With my active imagination, I soon became "friends" with the characters in the books I read. I explored kingdoms, plantations, and space stations. I traveled back in time and raced into the future. Soon, I began excelling my reading level, and by 5th grade, I started reading "Gone with the Wind".

I found, that I no longer felt lonely or misunderstood. I gained strength from the characters that I read. Learned from their mistakes, and laughed at the private jokes written on those beloved pages. I toughened up at school, and the teasing stopped, or at the very least, I didn't care anymore.

When I entered middle school, I met my very best friend Brittany. Very shortly after, we discovered that reading and writing was a passion we both shared. As I grew older however, I lost touch with my books. School took over, and reading became a chore instead of pleasure. It wasn't until I was married and had our first daughter that I began reading again.

I had moved 1300 miles from my family and my best friend Brittany. My husband was working long hours, sometimes 16 or 18 hour workdays and with the Fire Department responsibilities, he wasn't around much. So I spent most of my time sitting watching cartoons, and feeling lonely, lost and forgotten. It was then, that I decided that I just could not watch another cartoon, and picked up a book.

I began reading feverishly, finishing two hole books that first weekend!!! My love for books was reignited. I started shopping for books on ebay and eventually moved on to Amazon. I kept a budget of $30.00 and found that if I bought used books, I could sometimes get them for next to nothing! My collection grew to over 100 books within 6 months. I was reading a whole book nearly every 3 days. I purchased my first e-reader, my NOOK by Barnes & Nobel, where my collection has grown to close to 1,000 books. Recently, I have upgraded to a tablet, where I can utilize the NOOK app as well as the Amazon KINDLE app all on the same device.

My reading has slowed down considerably. With 2 kids, and one just becoming mobile, my eyes are needed elsewhere. But I do read consistently every day. Mostly at bedtime, when I'm so tired that I barely make it 5 pages in before I knock off for the night, finding my tablet lying on the floor the next morning.

Reading has been an important part of my life for so long. It is a passion I share with my children, and a passion I want to share with my readers. For years, I have wanted to start a book club. Write reviews, and eventually my own books.

If you are an avid reader, I would love to hear your story, or what started your passion. Id like to hear about your collection and what interests you.

This week, my focus is going to be on Reading...At the end of the week, I will be hosting my first giveaway so check in often and follow along.

Happy Reading!!

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