Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Science: Raising Tadpoles

Earlier in the summer, the girls Nanna came out to visit from Colorado, and bought the girls a swimming pool. We have LOVED having the pool this year. Spending time in the pool every afternoon with the kids has been an absolute joy.

Recently, we have had some trouble with Kalynn and "storms", so when the rain clouds move through each afternoon she has wanted to hunker down indoors. So, between the clouds and the actual rain, we haven't been able to swim for a couple of weeks.

A few days ago, we went to check on the pool to see what kind of cleaning was needed (we could tell it had become quite green) and discovered some new little friends...

There were hundreds of tadpoles swimming around in our little pool. There was absolutely NO way I was going to put myself or my kids in there with a bunch of tadpoles would be my luck one would end up down someones suit..or Maddie would try to eat them...and well...that's just GROSS beyond words!

Kalynn wanted to keep them...naming them as they swam around. I decided to compromise. I mean, what better science project then to grow our very own frogs! So we got a container, and cleaned it out really good. Then, we caught some tadpoles and some algae and brought them indoors where we could observe them.


We also had to do a little research. We googled several sites on how to care for our tadpoles, and found Frog Safe to be the most helpful.

Then, came the question of what to do with the remaining tadpoles...

I had decided to just drain the pool and let nature take its course (I know...I'm cruel) but my 6 year old had a complete meltdown about my "Killing the frogs"...and how I "wouldn't kill Maddie" would I?! Bleeding hearts unite! So...I agreed to help her capture the remaining tadpoles and perform a rescue mission with her.

The next morning, we spent 2 hours scooping tadpoles out of the pool, One by painstaking one, and putting them in another plastic container. Then, we took them to her Pi-Pa's house and dumped them (gently) into the family lake.

Gotta love those good hearted babes. And the exciting moments of metamorphosis coming our way!

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