Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wednesday Date Night

Living in the southern country definitely has its benefits! Since school is out for the summer, we have thoroughly enjoyed the cooler, late nights...We have had late night swims in the pond, floaties and all. Bonfires with roasted marshmallows, and even movie nights when the rain has kept us in.

We call them "Date Nights". Its a small group of really close friends. All with kids ranging from 16 to our little Maddie at 8 months. We picked Wednesday night, because it works with the guys "Off Day"...since they don't get regular weekends.

The Wives usually decide on a theme the week before. We have done pizza, Italian, Mexican pig-out, and good old country style cooking. We divide it up potluck style, complete with desert and disposable dishes. Then we eat amazing food and head outdoors for a night of fun!

Lately, Badminton has been the big thing. We have all sorts of outdoor games set up to play. Frisbee, corn-hole, and ladders, but everyone likes to play badminton. We play tournament style. Rotating with the team that looses. Sometimes, even the kids play...usually during "break times"...the guys really get into the
competition of it all.

We even set up a "Slip N Slide" for the kids last week! They spent all night sliding down the sheeting. They came out covered in bubbles and later...the Dads decided to have a go! Unfortunately it was too dark by then, and I couldn't get any pictures.

It is such a wonderful way to enjoy friends and get the kids together. I will be sad when school starts up again. Our nights will be cut shorter, and "Date Night" will fade out, at least...until next summer.

Do you have anything special that you do?? Id love to hear about it!

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