Monday, September 8, 2014

Exploding Microwaves

I learned something new today....

Did you know that water can explode in the microwave?!?

All the kids were at school today (yeah for a new school year!) so I decided to give the kitchen a good deep clean after the last 3 months of rushed wipe-downs and the kind of neglect that comes from a busy house full of little ones.

I had already cleaned the counters and run a load of dishes from the morning and the few cups left from last night. So once the baby was awake and playing quietly in her playpen watching Mickey Mouse, I decided to put the clean dishes away and clean the microwave.

I placed a small glass bowl (microwave safe, btw) filled half way with water and a small dime size drop of dish soap in the the microwave for 3 min. This is something I have done for years. The process causes the soapy water to boil slightly and essentially steam cleans the microwave so even the worst stuck on food is easy to wipe out, leaving the microwave spic-and-span.

While the microwave was running, I had the music on, singing along and was just about to put one of the plates up in the cabinet when BOOM! The microwave door blows wide open, slinging warm soapy water all over the stove, counter and floor! I guess I had instinctively shielded myself with the plate, because I had it held up in front of my face and it was dripping with soapy water.

Who knew that cleaning the microwave could be such an action packed adventure!!!

Here is a video I found on when I was trying figure out how I managed to create this homemade explosion in my kitchen....Freaked me out! Im sure glad the kids weren't home, and no one got hurt! I'll be finding a new way to clean my microwave from now on!!

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