About Me

Hi! My name is Jamie Price.

Like most women my age, I am stuggling to have it all, a family, career and personal life. I am a mother of two, a wife and career woman. My days consist of school activities, diaper changes, business deals/decisions, family meals, homework, bedtime stories and few moments of quiet time when I get to actually sit down and catch my breath. But I love it.

My family is the most important thing to me. My two girls, are the axis in which my world revolves, and my husband....well, lets just say he is the balance that keeps me from going too far from one end to the other. We are avid animal lovers. Our family consists of 7 "Fur-Babies"...5 dogs, a horse and a pony for the girls. 

My most favorite thing to do, aside from quality time with my family, is to read. There is something special about getting yourself lost in a good book. It is something you can work at or simply relax into. It is versital, you can learn, grow, or just do a mindless shutdown/restart at any point during the day no matter where you are at.

Living in a rual area, there is so much that I enjoy about our life. The small town we live in has been a blessing to our family, allowing me more time to spend with my girls, and less time running the rat race with the world. Both my children have been blessed to be able to go to work with me rather than attend childcare. It is like having the best of both worlds, a 2 income family as well as that "stay at home mom" experiance for the kids. We are however limited where we live, and therefore, entertainment and resources tend to get used very creatively. 

In all, I try to conduct myself cheerfully. I want to be a positive presence to the people around me. Helpful when I can, knowlegeable enough to be a resource people can come to, and friendly to those who may need the extra kindness. My views are not always "traditional", but they are logical and open ended in most cases. I strive to teach my children, and those around me by example (though I am no saint and tend to open my mouth before I think), showing them that friendship is flexible, relationships are give and take and everything in life done by choice. Im definately not perfect. More often than not, I have the attention span of a gold fish, and I tend to loose sight of my goals and Im horrible at creating consistancy with new habits. But I suppose, like everyone else, I am still human.

So there you have it...a basic look at little ol' me.

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