My family is the most important thing in my life!

When I met my husband in 2006, I told him that I wanted a house full of kids or dogs. I wanted to be sure that I wasn't waisting my time with someone that didn't have the same expectations in life that I had. Now, almost a decade later we have 2 kids, 5 dogs and 2 horses!! The life I dreamed of!

Meet The Family:

Meet the love of my life, my wonderful husband John. He is a member of our local all volunteer  fire department and is involved in many of the community events associated with the service. He also is an self proclaimed outdoors man. He loves to hunt and fish and enjoys teaching our oldest daughter all that he knows.

He is a proud Daddy, spending time each day with each of our girls and encouraging Kalynn in her extra curricular activities.

This is my oldest Daughter, Kalynn. She is an absolute trip! You would think she was 16 instead of 6. She will talk your ear off, and uses some of the most advanced responses, it just floors you to talk to her. She has an amazing sense of humor, this kid is packed with one liners that will keep you laughing. She is also extremely independent and opinionated. Sometimes to the point that her personality can be abrasive if not kept in check.

She is currently in kindergarten, and a gold star student! She is excelling at reading and seems to be breezing through her school work. She has been a dancer since she was 3, participating in the Christmas parades and spring recitals each year. This year, she is also wanting to take on Karate...a sport that we think will help her out tremendously!

And finally, we have baby Madison....She was born in November of 2013, so we are still discovering her personality.

So far, we have determined that she is a wonderful baby. She is mellow and quiet more of then than not. A happy baby, content to play with her play gym on the floor with her big sister or sit in her swing, relaxing and staring at lights and shiny objects.

She is definitely a cuddle bug. She likes to be snuggled and held. A challenging trait for a busy Mom, but thanks to swaddling and a Moby wrap, we can both be happy most of the time.

And there you have them. My three favorite people in the whole world! My most challenging relationships and the most rewarding friendships I have ever experienced.

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