"Ultimate Mom"

As a busy Mom, I have found that my patience and fuse can sometimes be shorter than I would like. My tollerance for noise can be low to non-existant, and busy childish silliness can sometimes grate on my nerves to the point that I would swear I get a nervous twitch.

I have recognised that this is a issue within myself rather than my children. I find that I have trouble always appreciating the energy of my kids, and instead finding myself desperate for time to decompress and do a mental shut down.

As one of my goals in 2014, I am working towards a new version of me. I am working towards becoming the "Ultimate Mom"! (notice the quotes?) Obviously it is just a term, but the concept I am finding is quite simple....

I have started reading this Book:

It is a simple concept approach to taking care of myself, so I can take care of my kids. Each chapter focuses on a differnet aspect of how to be the best version of me, so I can be the best Mom for my girls. 

Below you will find a "library" of links to posts that follow my journey to becomeing the "Ultimate Mom". Tasks that are "assigned" at each chapter to help me stay focused and keep me on track to my goal! Feel free to follow along and comment on my posts and share your own personal experiances as well.


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