Thursday, July 5, 2012

Finances....... most of us adults really dont enjoy being "Adults". There is so much responsibility, and headache that comes with being on your own. My husband and I have found that budgeting and dealing with finances can be difficult. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve and empower our bank accounts.

 The latest thing that I have found that I really like is "". It helps us keep track of all of our creditors, bills, bank accounts and helps us create a savings as well. We can pull reports that break our expendetures out in a graph, showing us in dollar amounts and percentages of what we spend on each "item" (clothing, food, bills, eating out, etc).

Id like to hear from you what you and your family do.........any new ideas are always welcome!


  1. We are big Dave Ramsey fans. Everything he says makes sense, and is easy to put into practice. When we had our first, and decided i would stay home, we moved to an envelope/cash system and haven't looked back.

    1. How easy is the Dave Ramsey program. We ourselves have tried to get ourselves on that plan, but can never seem to get ourselves started. Living in such a small town, we can not seem to find the "classes" so we have read the books and bought a year's subscription to the website, but still could not manage it....any suggestions?

    2. My parents took the class and got us the audio from the classes. If you can buy the audio through the website, that is all you need. It was really simple to get it going, he lines up all the steps for you and makes it practically fool proof. Also, he is really entertaining. Le me know if you can't find the audio, I can probably get you a copy of ours.

    3. I'll be honest....the part we have the most difficult time with is the budget. That is the most difficult thing to get going. Any suggestions? We have the worksheets.........but applying and knowing how to do it correctly can confusing.