Monday, February 18, 2013

My Garden Journey: Week # 2 {First Post}

Well, its that time of year again. Last year I started my gardening experience  and was pleased with the results of my first year as a gardener.

I grew some tomatoes  bell peppers, banana peppers and started a blue berry bush and black berry bush as well. I also had a small pot of strawberries.

As a first time gardener, I can tell you that my plants did not amount to much...but I did keep from killing them which was a bonus. I did learn however, that my plants needed more sunlight to produce larger fruits/veggies. Once I placed them in direct sunlight....they "boomed" with growth.

This year, I am starting my plants indoors as directed on the seed packets and will transplant them out doors during the recommended time.

Week #1

I did not get photos for this week, or make a separate posting, because there was not enough information for a full post...and not enough to photograph for you to see.

  1. I purchased a few of the indoor green houses. I had some very good luck with these last year, and will most definitely use them again in the future! 
  2. I selected my seeds for purchase, selecting only veggies that my family will eat, and a few things for myself (since I am the one doing all the work, lol)
  3. I began by prepping the soil, by this, I mean getting it moist and warmed and ready for the seeds. Then, I used an average drinking straw to create a little "hollow" that the seeds can rest in, and then gently placed 2 - 4 seeds (depending on size) into each hollow.
  4. Placed them in a sunny warm area (a window that sits directly above a heating vent) and waited.
Week # 2

This week, I took some pretty pictures to show you. This is my favorite time of gardening!!! You can see the magic literally working from day to day! The plants can be invisible, completely under the soil one day, a slight "lump" the next, and then "Wah-Lah! A beautiful plant emerges with stunning fresh leaves. 

  • Cherry Tomatoes: The Cherry Tomatoes I planted are doing fantastic! It is almost time to move them to a larger pot!! They are sprouting beautifully! I can not wait to see how they grow!
  • Bell Pepper/ Jalapeno Peppers: I wish I would have marked which was which of these pepper plants. Because they are in a west facing window, I am consistently turning the plants to keep their stalks upright so that they do not lean to any one side or another, and now, I can not tell you which pepper is a sweet bell, and which is a hot and spicy jalapeno! 
  • Yellow Squash: Two firm plants have sprouted.
  • Butternut Squash: Three firm plants have sprouted
  • Beefsteak Tomatoes: 2 to 3 stalks in each of the 6 pack of seedling pots I have planted, have begun growing.
  • Chives: Just beginning to sprout
  • Cilantro: Can see 2 seeds beginning to sprout (these seeds must have moved to the top during watering, you can see the root system building).
  • Basil: 2 to 3 stalks in each of the 6 pack of seedling pots I have planted, have begun growing.
  • Dill: Just beginning to sprout.
Bell/ Jalapeno Peppers

Gardening Websites that I frequent:

Gardeners Supply Company
Michigan Bulb Company
Stokes Seeds
Four Oaks Nursery

Your Turn:

Most of us know that having a green thumb does not come easily....and sharing this hobby can be fun and enjoyable for many. Let me know your thoughts.....

Do you have a garden, or are you wanting to begin gardening? Do you have any tips, tricks, or experiences that you want to share?

Tell me about your garden!

Happy Gardening!! 

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