Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Welcome 2014

I am so glad that 2013 is over! It was such a horrible year. Full of blessings, but one of the toughest my husband and I have had yet.

2013 Over View:

After our vacation last spring (the last post on this blog) our world was turned upside down and inside out. First, my husband lost his job. As the major bread winner, you can imagine how frightening and stressful that was. Fortunately, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He now works for himself, is making as much money as he did with his last job (with out working the 16 - 18 hour days) and is home more to spend time with the family.

We also found out while we were out there, that we were going to have another baby! I struggled with my pregnancy. Experiancing significant pelvic and hip pain, as well as extreme nausea. I lost 40 pounds during the course of my pregnancy (a good thing since I was trying to loose weight to begin with). I spend 8 months sick as a dog on the couch, physically unable to do the things I love and enjoy.

Our daughter Kalynn started kindergarten. She has been doing so well! Her report cards and progress reports make us so proud of her. She is a wonderful student and just loves the challenge that school provides for her. BUT...the struggles we have all experianced in the last year have definatley affected her. And not all positively. Something we are working on as a family.

We experianced a lot of loss as well. My mother-in-law lost her battle with kidney disease. We also lost one of our furbabies also...Princess.

But through it all, we have come out as a stronger, and larger family!

2014 Goals:

For this new year I am setting goals instead of resolutions. I figure a goal is something you actively work on/towards, where a resolution is something you "hope to do".

  1. I want to get my daugther and I healthier. I still have 20lbs to loose to get to my goal weight. She has put on a considerable amount of weight last year due to bordom eating/lack of excercising. So together we are going to get healthier. We are going to start eating right as a family (no more buy as you go junk food) and we will be excercising together too. 
  2. I want to become a better Mom. My relationship with my daughter has not been what I want it to be in the last year, and I want to rebuild and improve it.
  3. I want to do some minor improvements in our house. I will be saving money to begin that process and will hopefully be able to start those projects by mid-summer/fall.
I am really looking forward to this year. With the help of my friends and family, it should be a good one!


  1. Im so proud to call to you my sister-in-law! I think your such a great mom and wife to my brother and your goals are perfect for 2014! Love you all!

  2. Thank You Jess!! It makes me feel so good to have your love and support!