Monday, February 17, 2014

Maddie, meet Dallas

Maddie got to meet the horses for the first time yesterday. With the weather being so cold, I have kept her indoors pretty much since she was born. Since it was a little warmer, and to be honest, I needed to see the open sky and sunshine, we bundled her up in her little lamb jacket and took her over to see the horses.

Little Strawberry, our pony didn't want any part in it. (I think she knows that means she will be hauling around another squirmy kid soon! LoL) But our curious little (I really mean big) girl Dallas had her nose right in the thick of it. (pun, humorously intended).

At first Dally didn't know what to think....

But she quickly warmed up once she realized Maddie was just another person to love on and get nose scratches from. (even if Daddy has to help, LoL)

Maddie warmed up pretty quickly too. It didn't take long, and she started trying to eat Dallas' nose! Good think 2 month-old's don't have teeth...

For her part, Dallas did a really good job! Maddie just licked away at that furry nose and Dallas stood there and let her. We are so blessed with such wonderful animals and beautiful, amazing little girls!!

Maddie, Meet Dallas...

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