Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Car

Well, it is finally time. I'm not happy about it, but we are getting a new car...

We always said once my truck was paid off, we would drive it until the wheels fell off, well....the wheels are doing great, it is the rest of the truck that is falling apart. The little problems with it have not really bothered me any, because I drive less than a mile to work each day. But, with the a/c not working, the radio not working and the windshield wipers being bent, on top of the exhaust leak and the trucks age.....when the heater wont defrost the was time to part ways with my little truck.

Yesterday, it was absolutely freezing!! When I left to take Kalynn to school in the morning, the windows were iced over once again. I had bought a can of de-icing spray and used that and the windshield wipers to clear the windows quickly so we could get her to school (we were already running behind and had only 2 minutes to get her there on time).

We headed off down the road and about halfway there, Kalynn looks at me and says "Mom whats that on the window?!". Just as she asked I had realized the windows were icing back over. I had begun to slow down and the instant I told her it was ice, the entire window succumbed to the cold and turned instantly into a sheet of ice. The side windows also re-iced. Most likely due to the cold and the fact that the road we were on was in complete shade, sun at all.

I tried to guess as to whether I had passed the mail boxes and gauge where the curve in the road was while trying to see through spider webs of ice and frost. Unfortunately, I miss judged and bumped a mailbox with the side mirror on the passenger side. It didn't hurt the mailbox, but when the mirror folded in and hit the passenger door and extreme cold, the glass shattered.

I called my husband and told him what happened. I told him that its just not safe anymore. It was pretty scary not being able to see. It was like once instant we were fine, and the next it was worse than trying to see through plastic wrap!

We have been discussing getting my husband a commuter car to drive to work. So we went and took a look at a small car (a Chevy Malibu) and have decided to get it. Kalynn and I will get the Ford F-150 during the week, while my husband who drives 45min to work each day will take the more economical vehicle.

So....though we are going to be taking on another car payment (something I REALLY didn't want to do) we are hoping the more economical fuel efficient commuter car will pay for itself. We also decided that rather than go for an expensive car, we went to a small family owned car lot (someone we trust) and are buying the car for $2995. With the trade in on the truck ($1500) being almost half the car will be paid for when we walk off the lot.

So, though I'm sad to see my truck go (I loved! that little truck) we will now have 2 family vehicles and a short term car payment that will essentially pay for itself by saving us on gas money.

Have you had any unexpected changes this new year? How are you dealing with it? Do they follow along with your New Year's Goals?

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