Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

I just want to wish everyone a wonderful, happy and healthy new year!

I am bringing back "My Domestic Vestige". And I have a lot of wonderful plans this year.

First! The Book Club is going to be completely revamped. I am going to begin by putting my own personal library up for everyone to look at. Then I will be adding 1 book a month as a recommendation. But I also want to know about what you are reading and your thoughts.

Second! My husband and I will be taking a journey through a financial make-over this year. Thats right.....Dave Ramsey Here We Come!!!! I will be keeping you updated on how we are doing, the ups and downs and the things we have found that do and do not work for us.

Third! As part of a new year and new start, we will be doing a lot of work to our house. Our little 3 bedroom 2 bath is going to get a healthy cleaning and updating. We will be "Moving Out" of each room in our house and "Moving Back In" with new organization and less C.L.U.T.T.E.R!!!

This is going to be a big year. So make sure you Follow along so you can keep up with the "Price's" as we move through 2013.

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