Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have discovered a website that I am absolutely in love with!!! It is

This is an amazing site for any reader!!!!!! There are so many great features, that I still haven't been able to find them all and utilize them all to their full potential. Whether you read a lot, or a little. Or just want to keep a running list of authors/books that sound good to you, this is the site for you!

I have a Barnes & Nobel Nook Color, and let me tell you, I can manage my books beautifully on there. But the social aspect of sharing your books, and authors is lacking. You have to go to different sites, join clubs and "Nook Friends" application is not all it sounded like it was going to be.

But with, I can manage my library, recommend books, share thoughts with others, join multiple book clubs, or just join in in discussions. There are even bonus features where you can enter drawings to win free books, signed books and other great deals!

Let me walk you through my site!

Below is the "Home Page". This is the screen that comes up once you have logged in. In the top right corner, there is the image icon for your account (see my pretty face, lol) and next to that are 3 icons. One is for "GoodReads Notifications", one for "Good Reads Inbox" and one for "GoodReads Friends".

Then in the body of the page, there are recent updates that your friends have posted. either books they are reading (and you can choose to add it to your list of read, want to read, currently reading lists) and a tab for discussions that you may have partaken in. This is great for reader socialization!

There is also a place to track what books you have rated, and personalized recommendations based on those ratings. (more on that further down). You can also list what you are currently reading, and keep track of how far you are, and share with your friends. (I also use this for the GoodReads 2013 reading challenge)

The next page (on the top of the navigation bar) is the "MY BOOKS" page. This is the page where you can view and print your current library. You can sort by shelf, genre and read and unread if you want. I use this for the book club a lot! And when recommending books to other people!

The next page is the "Groups" page. This is where you can join the discussions of different book clubs. See the "My Domestic Vestige" group...3rd on the left! It helps pool people together in a common meeting place by books, social groups, favorite genre, age and what ever criteria you could possibly be looking for!

The next page is the "Recommendations" page. This is the page I mentioned above that will give you personal recommendations based on ratings that you give books that you have read. It is based on Genre and is a great starting place when looking for new books to read!

The last is a drop down list labeled "EXPLORE"...well, that is about as much as I can tell you without you creating yourself an account and checking it out!! (hint---- that is where the free stuff is!)

Well, I hope you set up a good reads page for yourself, and join me and the rest of us in the 
My Domestic Vestige Book Club! 

Go on line and add me as a friend! Check out my social page here.

Happy Reading!

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