Friday, April 12, 2013

Vacation, Colorado 2013 (Part 1 - Easter)

This year, for Easter, my family and I took a trip back home to Colorado to see family and celebrate the holiday! (I have so many pictures to share....I will have to do this in several parts or I might run out of screen space! LOL.)

It was so wonderful to see everybody. You forget how much people change in just a few years until you really get a chance to see them. My Grandparents looked so good! It was so nice to hug them and see them again!! (and yes....Grandma's kitchen still smells like homemade soup!)

My Aunts and Uncles looked good too...actually, they looked the same! LOL But my cousin Laura!! WOW Has she grown up!!!!! I swear last time I saw her, her hair was chin length, she was still in the awkward preteen stage with braces and all knees! Now...she is a beautiful young lady with a blossoming personality!

My In-Laws looked terrific too. All full of life and energy, excited to spend time with my Daughter and enjoy my husband and I's company.

But enough about family....let me tell you about our trip!

We traveled 30 hours across the country from North Carolina to Colorado. The drive was long, boring and worth every second. We left out on Friday evening, and got to my parents house around AM. Saturday night.

Saturday, after we all slept in, we took Kalynn shopping. She needed some pretty shoes for Easter  so we hopped from one store to the next until we finally came across the same pair that I had avoided getting her (a pair of little high heals for a 5 year old...yeah, enough said) and ended up getting them, because all the stores were sold of out white Easter shoes by Saturday afternoon.

Sunday we went to church with my Grandparents, and then all gathered with my family, my best friend and her daughter and my in-laws for a big Easter dinner. Its so wonderful that both family can come together like that and everyone gets along so well and socializes among one another with no hesitation, or feelings of discomfort.

Going to Church

Going to play Crochet

All I can say is...."Watch Out"

My Beautiful Niece playing Crochet

Kalynn and Savanna getting ready to hunt for Easter Eggs!

And their Off!

My amazing husband and Ronnie

On the hunt

Oop! Found one!!

Counting with Grandma to be sure they found all 30 eggs

Their Vultures I tell ya!

Enjoying the weather and each other!

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