Saturday, April 13, 2013

Vacation, Colorado 2013 (Part 2 - Butterfly Pavilion)

Monday, we went to the Butterfly Pavilion. My daughter loves butterflies!! She even had a pet butterfly that she found hurt on the ground last summer, she took care of it for 2 weeks before the poor thing finally gave out. So we knew she would love this place!

They have more than just butterflies....they have a whole exhibit on different insects. Cockroaches, spiders, beetles, walking sticks and other creepy crawlies. You can even hold a giant Taranchula named Rosie if you want too. (Not on your life!)

There is another room full of underwater invertebrates, such as starfish and horseshoe crabs and sea urchins and some of them are in special pools where you can touch them. Kalynn was not interested in touching, but the starfish...well, they felt really cool. Like wet suede.

Then you go into the Butterfly room. It is like walking into a rain forest exhibit. It was warm, humid and smelled of plants and freshly turned soil. Instead of birds and other animals, you looked around and everywhere were thousands of butterflies of every shape and color imaginable. They were siting on plants, people and railings, floating and drifting around and we even saw one catching a breeze in the draft of an air vent.

This is the room we discovered my husband is the "Butterfly whisperer"! LOL. He would just stick out his finger and the butterflies would climb right onto him every time. He even walked halfway through the exhibit with the same butterfly hitchhiking on his finger.

My mom found a snail, and held it out for Kalynn to look at. It was really neat...but I'm not touching it!
They had a whole bay window area full of chrysalis' some hatched, and some waiting to be hatched. Like a butterfly nursery, it was really neat!

Then was the "game room" area. there was a giant maze we walked through with Kalynn where she got to do a bean bag toss, a giant puzzle and crawl in a human sized spider web.

Monday was an amazing day! When we left, Kalynn got a butterfly picture frame, and Grandpa put a picture of her holding a butterfly in her hand in the frame for her to remember her visit.

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