Saturday, April 13, 2013

Vacation, Colorado 2013 (Part 2b - Tipsy's)

Monday after the Butterfly Pavilion we stopped at "Tipsy's" to pick up some drinks for dinner. My Best Friend and her Daughter were coming over and we decided to get some drinks where the girls could play and we could hang out and socialize.

I had never even heard of Tipsy's....let me tell you....WOW!

There is an indoor putt-putt, entire refrigerated rooms have the size of my living room and kitchen combined that is designated for "specialty beers", Wine, and the like. They also have a little restaurant in the front of the store.

The wine section alone I swear was almost as big as my house!!!!! And the decor.....well, it will crack you up!

Panorama View from the front doors

Captain Morgan

Seriously...I made him! LOL


Putt Putt

This was on the wall above a cooler door. WAY TOO FUNNY

Proving she is a girl and not another male mannequin with a wig
John's new Mistress! LOL Isn't she pretty!!

The wine section

The signature wall. This was really cool!

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