Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vacation, Colorado 2013 (Part 3 - Spa Day)

Tuesday, I had a spa day with my Mom and Daughter at my sister's cosmetology school. (For a little background, she has to perform so many sessions of each service before she can move on to the next module in class) Let me just say how PROUD of her I am!!!!

We got there at 9am and stayed until class/salon closed at 3:30pm. My Sister juggled cutting my Mom's hair, and a full spa day with manicures, facials and pedicures on my Mom, Daughter and Myself. All of which, she had to wait for a teacher's inspection for a grade at the end of each!!!! She was amazing!!!!!!!!!

The facials were awesome  We got the full treatment! A toner/massage, mask, eyebrows, cleanser the works! The pedicures felt so good!!!! We soaked, and scrubbed and did a paraffin soak (Kalynn got a mud mask on her tootsies instead since the wax was hot) and a buff and polish.

Our manicures, we ran out of time, so we just did a quick shellac on each. Poor Kalynn had such a hard time sitting still enough for her nails to dry so my sister could get a good grade. We ended up having to flag down an instructor real quick before she messed up her nails for the 3rd time! LOL

Cutting Mom's Hair

Wazzz Uppp!!!!

Getting Bored

Cutting Mom's Hair

Aunt Tara's Test Dummie

Future Stylist


Enjoying the Massage...can you see her finger movements, lol

Relaxed...if only it lasted

Massages and chatting

Mud Mask Time!
I thought she was going to fall asleep!


Too Cute!

How did that get in there!?!?!

Mom's Turn

Kalynn's Tootsies....Hot Pink and Red Nails!!!

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