Sunday, January 12, 2014

Maternity Leave Over: Going Back To Work

So today is my last day home. Yes, my maternity leave is over. I have to return to work tomorrow. This is something that I am really not happy about!

 I loved being a stay at home Mom. It allowed me so much freedom. Free to get my house in order, something that is so difficult to do with my family and animals running wild most of the time. Free to spend the quality time with my girls that I want and they need. I had the energy to cook almost every night, and my household seemed to be much more at peace than the usual wild and crazy dance we do week through week.

But...I guess all good things must come to an end. I spent last Tuesday with John getting things ready to get back to work. I am lucky, I will be taking Madison to work with me when I return. A blessing for sure, because it saves money on daycare, but more importantly, it allows me to spend more time with her while she is young.

When I return tomorrow, we have her play yard all set up. A big "THANK YOU" to my Aunt Jackie and Uncle Chuck, who gave us this for a baby gift. Its all put together, and the shelves are loaded up with diapers, wipes, burp rags, blankets and a few toys as well. Her bottle warmer is already plugged in by the sink and ready to be used, and her portable swing will come with me tomorrow morning.
I have decided to cut my hours down, however, in hopes of maintaining some of the tranquility in our home and to keep my stress level from reaching its peak. I have discussed two options with my boss. Either take one full day a week off, or to shorten my days and leave at 2:30 when its time to pick Kalynn up from school. 

To begin, I will be taking the shorter days. This will help me judge my days better and my energy level, as well as help me ensure Kalynn is getting enough attention in the afternoon during and after homework time.

I am grateful that I get to bring the girls with me. But I can tell you...I am stressed a bit on how I am going to juggle my daily tasks and being Mom all at the same time. I'm sure of one thing though....our family will benefit from it.

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