Saturday, January 11, 2014

Book Review: Divergent Series

The Divergent Series
By: Veronica Roth

About the Author:

Roth is best known for her trilogy of novels: Divergent; its sequel, Insurgent; and Allegiant, the latter was released on October 22, 2013.
She is the recipient of the Goodreads 2011 Choice Award and the Best of 2012 in the category Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction and also Best Goodreads Author in 2012. Roth wrote her first book, Divergent, while on winter break in her senior year at Northwestern University. Her career took off rapidly with the success of her first novel, with the movie rights sold before she graduated college.
Roth has sold the film rights to the Divergent series to Summit Entertainment. Filming of Divergent, an adaptation of the first book in the series, was started in April 2013.


This book series was one that I became interested in reading when I noticed its popularity on It is a well written story about a girl named "Tris" Prior, who leaves her family, faction and all of its value's behind, to join a new faction (a sort of independent colony) that she believes will suit her personality better. It is there that she meets the first set of real friends she has ever known, as well as a young man named "Four". 

Throughout the three books, I followed Tris along her journey of political uprising, crippling grief and the endless flight and fall of new love. I was so enthralled by this series, that I was barely able to put the book down, and when I had to step away, it was all I could think about. 

I have discovered that there are five accompanying Novellas, two of which have already been released: The Transfer, and Free Four. The other three will be released in July of 2014.

I definitely recommend this book. It is not a feel good love story, and you will find that it has a gritty, violent aspect to it, but it is so well written that it draws you in and keeps you there. It leaves you thinking about the characters and when its over, it leaves you wishing it wasn't.

I give this series as a whole 5 Stars, because it has left me wishing for more!

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