Friday, January 10, 2014

Zumba Fitness: Exhilarate

As part of my goal to improve my health and fitness level, I took the time to look back in my life to when I was the healthiest and happiest. I asked myself, "What was I doing that kept me in such great shape?"

My answer.........DANCING! I used to dance constantly. And I'm not talking about formal dance studio time. I'm talking about invigorating, fun and at my pace and time. Back then, it was every Saturday night and some week day nights as my best friend and I "perfected" our moves for the next Saturday.

Now, life has changed. But my love of dancing has not! Since my oldest daughter, Kalynn, seems to have inherited the same love of rhythmic movement as I have...and we are both working towards a healthier version of ourselves, I have invested in a Zumba fitness program.

We will begin working out tomorrow. Today, the package was delivered, and I am taking my time reading over the information in the program guide. It is filled with the usual stuff...sturdy shoes, stretch before and after each workout, stay hydrated and consult with a physician before beginning. I have also selected the workout regimen we will begin and will review the video before we begin tomorrow.

We will begin with the Beginners Plan:
Day 1: Step by Step (the DVD that will teach us the basic steps and modifications)
Day 2: Repeat Step by Step
Day 3: Activate - Learn It (the level 1 workout with the voice instructions)
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Activate - Learn It
Day 6: Activate - Feel It (the same workout as the "learn it" version, but without the audio commentary)
Day 7: Rest

Both Kalynn and I are excited to begin this new journey together. It will be fun and exhilarating!!!!! I will keep you posted on our progress! :)

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