Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day!!!

In the 7 years I have lived in North Carolina, I can remember only one other snow day. Today, we woke up to 3 inches of snow. A rare treat indeed! I know, I know...3 inches? Well, I come from Colorado, so I know how it sounds. But around here, where snow is so rare, they are just not 3 inches, is like 3 feet back home.


We wanted to make the most of the day with the girls. Of course, Madison just had her first set of shots yesterday so she was running a little fever, so we had to be very careful with her little body. We didn't want to get her sick or make her more sore than she already was....

So we planned to bundle her up around her mid-morning nap time. We figured she would sleep through our playtime, but then we could keep her bundled and warm and get our fun in quickly so we could get her back in before her body temp began to rise.

Of course she had to make the frog face!

 We also took advantage of the wonders of modern medicine and gave her a dose of baby Tylenol about 30 min before we left. She was so happy....I just hated to knock her out with a car ride...but sometimes, we just have to do what's necessary, lol.

Then it was off to Grandma's down the road. She has a great little hill that is perfect for first time sledders. When we got there, a neighbor was already there taking advantage of the day. Pastor Steve Porter called Grandma earlier and asked if her could sled there to relive one of his favorite childhood past times. 

Kalynn had a BALL! Her Daddy made a special trip out this morning to get her her very first, shiny new orange sled. We paid $15.00 for this thing! But her smile was well worth it. (We will stash it somewhere safe so we can use it again, over and over and over, lol)

She had an absolute ball!! She went down about 6 or 7 times before she got too cold to continue.

She finally figured out how to steer it, and then wiped out. She wasn't too happy about riding by herself after that, so she begged Daddy to go down with her. Of course...what Dad could say "NO" to that!!

That ride didn't go quite the way she expected and she jumped off, leaving Daddy to fend for himself as he got closer to the ditch at the bottom of the hill. 

Unfortunately, in an area where we NEVER get any snow, we don't have "proper snow attire" so we are at the mercy of the many layers and cold wet snow.

Her poor cheeks were so cold! She was complaining about snow that got up inside her coat, so I decided it was time to go. She could always go back out later in the day (after I put her clothes in the dryer).

After begging to do "just one snow angel pleeeeeezzzee" we headed out.

After our sledding adventure, we went to town to check out the rest of Salemburg. We had to go to the Post Office for Grandma, and there, we found Uncle Jeffrey working on clearing the parking lot...

This is what I call a "Southerner's Snow Blower"

Like I said resources. Fortunately we had access to equipment that worked for what we needed it for.

When we got home, we were greeted by two very cold and spunky horeseys! The poor dears are not used to this cold wet weather. They were mad that their water trough was I took advantage of the moment and while John was breaking up the ice for them I snapped a few pictures of my pretty ponies.

Their Home! Their Home!

Daddy...fix my water please!

Bless their hearts they had icicles in their hair.

The rest of the day...well, we relaxed inside and cuddled up to watch a movie. Poor Maddie wasn't feeling as well in the afternoon as she was in the morning so we didnt get to go back out like we had hoped.

We will see what tomorrow brings, another day off of school means more playtime in the snow!

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