Monday, January 27, 2014

The "Ultimate" Mom: Get a Life!

Chapter 3: "Get a Life!" For The Sake Of Your Kids

So far, I have found that as a "parenting" book, this book focuses a lot on Mom (ME). This is something that I struggle with, because as a Mom, I am so used to putting myself aside for the needs of my children and husband. But...for the sake of trying to learn a new way of being "Super Mom", I am here to tackle another chapter!

This chapter starts off by referring to the child-like view of the world. The "What Ifs", the endless possibilities they see without limitations. The reason for this, is that this chapter focuses on Mom's wants, desires and passions. For me to view my world like a child and rediscover the things in life that I am passionate about. Sounds simple enough?

This process begins with a make a "Wish Upon A Star 100 List". Yes, sounds ridiculous to me too. This list is to be of things that I want to do/achieve that come from the heart. The reason for the list...."physically writing down your dreams is important because things that get down on paper tend to get done". This list is not to be set in stone, by dynamic, and fluid. Changing with me over time. Then...I need to set aside time in my schedule to do what I am passionate about. Be it and hour each night, week, month or even a few minutes here and there.

Then I am to choose an affirmation. The most effective affirmations are ones that you use, feel and believe! And then post it around the house and recite it several times a day to keep my focus and stay driven. And to remember, that each day I "Choose" the outcome. My actions and reactions to each event through out the day are a choice that I make and therefore can "un-make" if I am not happy with that choice.

Chapter Tips:
  1. Consciously designing your life requires that you find out that it is that you really want.
  2. Going after your dreams means having more to give to your children, becoming a Mom who is fun to be around and providing a model for what your children can become too!
  3. You always have a choice - every second, every minute, and every day!
Taking Action:
  • Write out your very own "Wish Upon A Star 100 List" in a keepsake journal and look it over once a day for the next week.
  • Find our create some inspiring affirmations and commit to using them for at least a month. Write your affirmations out 20 times each day and repeat them to yourself whenever you think of it. 
  • What is one thing you would love to do, but haven't done for a long time? Schedule a time to do it within the next month. Stick To It! Call up a friend and ask them to hold you accountable for getting it done.
This week's"Taking Action" is intriguing. I will be posting my "Taking Action Assignments" up to share with all of you later in the week. Feel free to join me in this step and post your own affirmations or a few of your "Wish Upon A Star" list items below in the comments. 

I hope to hear some of your thoughts!

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