Sunday, July 29, 2012

Daily Tasks...........For my days off work

So, in dealing with my incessant stress about the house, and battling my anxiety, I have pin-pointed a few "Problem Areas".

Without making excuses, I'm going to just tell you how it is...........I've been so overwhelmed with this issue, that I have all but given up and just tried to ignore it as much as possible. Sleeping, reading, watching TV, avoiding being home, name it.........I do it.

I have a really inconvenient habit of starting something, and not finishing it. About 6 months ago, I started "dejunking" my house. I actually got rid of more things that I would have thought...........and still, have way too much!

So to start off, and keep me on task, I have a few tools that I have found online from some of the blogs I follow...

The first, is a "Daily Task Manager".
Since I am now taking Wednesdays as well as Saturday and Sunday off, I felt that a daily task manager was a great idea to keep me on task, just like I use at work. I found a great one at  Iheartorganizing . 

The second, is a "Home Project To Do List"
Because most projects can be broken down into smaller tasks, and lets face it, it is less overwhelming to tackle one small task at a time, rather than face a whole house full of "Ugh!", I have begun using this list to pull my daily tasks from. As I go through my daily routine, and find a "task" that needs to be done, I simply add it to the task sheet. Then, as the week progresses, and I find I am in need of something to do, or while planning my off days, I turn to my "home project To Do List". I also found this form at Iheartorganizing

The third, is a Weekly Household Planner!
I love this planner, and am aspiring to live by it on a daily basis. Its going to be quite the change for me. and I have to find exactly how best to go about doing it....but I am confident that this planner will help me keep the daily "tasks" done and in check so I can spend less time on the mundane household tasks, and more time on tackling the more needed "Projects". This wonderful printable I purchased for less than $10.00 at The Confident Mom

I will keep you updated on my progress! :)

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